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IP 7250 does not print specific parts of a page


My IP7250 on PC with W10x64bit started to skip whole parts of the page. Skipping means not printing them (I am not talking about moving paper too fast so printer head cannot put ink on it, it sounds like it is printing but there is no ink on specific areas of the page). There are no sign of any misprint, testprint grid looks perfect but part of it is missing. You can see that even PGBK description letters are only half printed (right part of the picture below right part). CMY and BK are fine, BGBK is the problem. The same applies to text printing where you can see it skips specific areas of the page (left part of the picture below).


Printer deep cleaning routine, driver reinstall, print head cleaning by medical alcohol did not help. Would you please suggest how to solve the problem? Thank you.


Print error




There is no magic fix for the this.  There appears to be an ink delivery issue or problem with the hardware.


If you are using Canon inks, have performed a standard and deep cleaning, removed, cleaned and reseated the print head, uninstalled / reinstalled everything without success, there isn't much more you can do. 


Other things you can try:


Install another FINE cartridge

Clean the encoder strip


Keep in mind that printheads have a useable file, and if run without all inks with adequete levels can overheat and cause permanent damage.  If your device has been properly cared for, it might require service. 

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Thank you for your time and opinion. I cleaned the timing strip with no effect. Printer is not mine but I know that she were using cartidges to its bottom and beyond until they did at least something. Therefore, the overheat damage may be the case. I never heart about burning a part of printerhead this way but one more reason to buy a laser.