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I am using a Pixma MG3222. Print is very small, no matter if I print from the Web or a document.


I am using a Pixma MG3222. Print is very small, no matter if I print from the Web, PDF or a document using any of the iMac apps.  Also, the Quick Menu does not show any functions in the Print or Manual & Device Information sections. This problem is only on my iMac (OS X 10.8.5). The printer works fine on my PC. For the iMac I have downloaded the Mini Master Setup driver and then the Quick Menu and EZ Photo print software. Can anyone help? I've been at for several days and am beyond frustrated!


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Hi mac,


We have updated the printer & scanner driver since the Mini Master Setup was posted, please try installing the following listed below from HERE:


MG3200 series CUPS Printer Driver Ver.
MG3200 series Scanner Driver Ver. 19.0.0a
Canon IJ Network Tool Ver. 4.2.0 for Intel Mac


 Let us know if the updated drivers resolves your issue. 

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Having same/similar problem with Mg3222.  Print is very small with rainbow borders at both sides. Downloaded and installed/updated drivers.  Got nothing but same issues.  If I can't get it fixed will bail out and head to the competition.

I was experiencing a similar problem. There are several posts in various forums on the internet asking the same question. The problems are not related to printer setup in the applications your are printing from, or in the print settings on the computer. In the process of copying a document on my all in one, I accidentally pressed the Stop and Start buttons simultaneously, this resulted in my printer scaling down the print size by 50%. I tried downloading the manual but there was no information contained therein to resolve the issue. What I ended up doing was the following.


  • Shutdown my Computer.
  • Unplug the Printer’s USB Cable from the Computer
  • Turned Off Power to the Printer
  • Unplugged the Power cord to the Printer
  • Waited 15 Seconds
  • Plugged back in the Power Cord to the Printer
  • Turned on the Printer
  • Plugged the Printers USB Cable back into the Computer
  • Turned On the Computer
  • Printed Document


The document then printed 100% to scale. No other settings changes I made in both the printer settings and/or application print settings made any difference. Only after attempting the above procedure did print scaling return to default.

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