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Canon Pixma MG8120B now has error message 6C10


After two years of satisfactory performance I now get a 6C10 message that does not clear by turning off and restarting. What next?



Hi josephmotto!
So that the Community can help you better, we will need to know the Computer Operating System you're using (Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or Mac 10.x), as well as the way you connect to your device (USB or networked via WiFi or Ethernet). Any other details you'd like to give will only help the Community better understand your issue! Thanks and have a great day!

My printer is free-standing and not connected to the internet. I simply placed a paper on the surface and when I went to copy it I received the 6C10 message which stated that an error had occurred and to shut down and try again. That has faioled several times. Ink levels are fine and no other information is forthcoming.

Hello josephmotto.


This error may occur if one of the ink tanks was not seated properly or when there is a loose object stuck inside the printer.  Please try the following:


1.  With the cover of the printer open, unplug the power from the back of the printer or the wall.

2.  Look for any loose objects or packing material in the printer, clear if necessary.

3.  Try gently moving the ink tank holder as close to you as possible.  Try pushing the closest ink tank down.  Once clicked into place, try moving the ink tank holder closer, repeat as needed.  If you meet resistance, do not attempt to move the ink tank holder any further.


If these troubleshooting steps do not work, feel free to call us at 1-800-OKCANON.


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I have an MG8120 that is in otherwise excellent condition.  Lightly used over the years,  Very clean.  Now I'm getting a 6c10 error message and nothing I do seems to fix it.   I seen online reference to the resetting the counter on other models which I can't figure out how to do on the MG8120.  There are no loose parts etc and I have turned on and off.  Please help.  Hate the thought of buying a new printer and this one ends up in landfill when it is in such good shape.  Thanks!

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