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Canon MX920 stuck on 'processing' screen for five minute before printing




I work in a small business where we have three computers, and a Canon MX920 we print to.  We have a 'main' computer that the internet is plugged into, and two ones that connect to the net wirelessly (the main computer is running Windows 7, and the other two running Windows 7 and Windows 8).  The printer is separate and runs wirelessly with all of the computers.


When we print from the main computer, no problem.  When we try to print from the other two the 'processing' screen that normally shows for a few seconds before the printing starts just gets stuck there for a full five or more minutes before it actually prints.  I've installed the drivers on all of the computers, and checked that the other two computers both have the same settings as the main one, and I've run out of ideas.  Help please?  It's awkward as heck when a customer wants a receipt and it's just stuck processing forever.