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Canon MX459 incoming faxes go straight to memory.


Incoming faxes are going straight to memory.  I can't figure out how to print it out.  I am low on black ink, so is that the problem? (I still can print in black, so I would think there was enough ink to print out this one fax.)  What gives?



Hi djo,


Because the printer is low on ink, the received faxes are automatically sent to memory as a precaution to prevent a situation where a fax is received and printed, but no ink will appear the page.  If you would like, you can disable the feature that sends the faxes to memory when you are low or out of ink.  To do this, please follow these steps:


  1. Press the Setup button.  The Setup menu screen is displayed.

  2. Select Fax settings, then press the OK button.

  3. Use the LEFTRIGHT button to select Auto Print Settings, then press the OK button.

  4. Use the LEFTRIGHT button to select Print when no ink, then press the OK button.

  5. Use the LEFTRIGHT button to select Print, then press the OK button.  The Auto print setting is now complete.

Please note that if you disable the feature where the faxes are stored to memory, should the printer run out of ink while printing a fax, you will need to have the sender resend the fax once the printer has adequate ink to print the fax; there will not be a way to reprint the fax after it has been printed.


To print the faxes that are currently stored in memory, please follow the steps located at the link below:


Printing Faxes from Memory


Hope this helps!


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