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Canon G6020, Air in ink pipes and horizontal lines


My Canon G6020 around 1200 prints began to get air in the ink pipes, but it does not return everything, it retorts until near the ink valve and then rises again, and there it is in this cycle, and this is causing failures in the prints, and the horizontal lines seem to be overlapping, this she has since she came out of the box, it seems a lack of belt tensioning or some batch error, and I’ve done alignments, both manual and atutomatic, And it didn’t, it seems that when the tractor moves the paper doesn’t move enough and ends up overlapping, because of millimeters, I pointed out a few points but this is in all prints in standard mode, in high quality they decrease, but it’s no use buying a printer and not being able to print in standard quality (if there is any mistake it’s because I’m using a translator)


1 see hour1 see hour2 see hour2 see hour3 see hour3 see hourhorizontal lines standard modehorizontal lines standard modehorizontal lines standard modehorizontal lines standard modestandard