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Canon G4100 Skipping/Fading lines, at my wit's end


I have tried cleaning the black cartridge in about a dozen different ways (shallow isopropyl bath, hot water, q-tip, cleaning contacts) and have already run all the cleaning options I have on the software as black or all options. The test page prints out THE SAME every single time. I have no idea where the problem is, it clearly can squirt out black ink, but it fails RELIABLY in the same way in the same line every time.


These test pages were taken at different points in testing. When printing I have some faded lines and some skipped lines as you can see in the text at the bottom of the test pages.

I'd appreciate any help with this. I have a new cartridge on the way, but honestly I don't even know if the cartridge is the issue. I only assume it is because obviously it can squirt black ink most of the time.


Welcome to the Canon Community Forum, Okahuma!

The model printer you have isn't sold or supported in the US market, but it does sound like a bad cartridge to us and we'd recommend waiting to test that theory before doing any further troubleshooting.

If you're outside of the USA and would like to consult with a printer technician, you can also reach out to Canon in your country for help. You'll find contact information here:

We wish you the best!