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What media cards do you use for your EOS C70s?

I'm close to picking up a C70 and am studying up on both the Angelbird and Prograde brand of cards (both V90).


For Angelbird, I'm specifically looking at their AVP256SDMK2V90 parts (the Mark II version of their cards).  Quite a bit more cost than Prograde, but I'm seeing some folks finding write faults (or delays due to buffers) for Prograde V90 cards.


What cards have you found to be the most reliable?


Sadly, a V60 should have been enough since that would be sustained writes of 480 Mbps (higher than the 410 Mbps higest bitrate option).   But, in a video I found, Canon staff recommends V90.   Perhaps to give one some breathing room or perhaps deal with card fragmentation?  I don't know if the Video Class guarantees that sustained write speed for say freshly formatted cards (which I always plan to do before a shoot).  Or, if that speed is also guaranteed when the card is fragmented.



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