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Slow motion Problem in Kondor Blue Camera Canon C70

Hi i have a problem with my Kondor Blue Camera Canon C70 slow motion. For some reason i can't get higher then 50frames.
when i try the slow motion - 120 frames on 4k it says "the memory card is not compatible with the settings" how can i fix it? I tried everything. Multible memory cards , diffrent setting but i realy dont know what else can i try.

Can someone help me?

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Re: Slow motion Problem in Kondor Blue Camera Canon C70

Not sure what Kondor Blue has to do with this issue? Isn't that a cage for the C70?


Anyhow, what specific memory cards are you using?


I use Angelbird V90 cards (manufacturer part numbers AVP256SDMK2V90 and AVP128SDMK2V90).  No problems at all with any of the capture settings to include 120 fps.


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Re: Slow motion Problem in Kondor Blue Camera Canon C70

What the heck is a Kondor Blue Camera???  The Canon C70 I know, in fact I have one.


Anyhow, on the Canon C70, if you want to record high frame rates, you need an SD card with a V90 speed class rating.  PLEASE IGNORE the speeds in MB/s printed on the card; they are meaningless garbage, and they DO NOT represent what speed the card can record video at.  Only the speed class actually has anything to do with video recording speed, and for the C70 at 120FPS, the speed class has to be V90.   It looks like this:


v90 speed class logo


It will probably also say "II", for UHS II.


And yeah, V90 cards are expensive.

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