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Shutting off Audio Channel 3&4 in C300 MKII

Good Morning Friends,


When I export to Premiere Pro from the C300 Mark II in 4K raw there are 4 tracks of Audio (3&4 are Blank).  This becomes a nightmare when you layer multiple 4K clips and if you just remove the clips from the proxy files it won't resinc up to the source 4K.  So does any one know a work around or how to shut off audio channels 3&4 when recording in 4K raw?




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Re: Shutting off Audio Channel 3&4 in C300 MKII

Hi Psychmark,

Thank you for your question, and I'm sorry that you didn't get an answer until now. Not sure what happened exactly, but somehow we overlooked it.


Generally speaking, you'll get a faster response if you call our Cinema EOS hotline at 1-855-CINE-EOS, or you can email us at, so I would recommend those options if dealing with a time-sensitive matter. That said, we do strive to respond to forum posts more promptly than we did here, and again I apologize about the delay in our response.


As you may have seen seen in the menu under the audio headings, you can select 4K RAW CHANNELS and then select which channels are active.


Your video editing program might still see blank audio channels though, and you might need to make additional adjustments to the footage after it has been imported.


In Premiere, you should be able to right click the footage in the Project panel and select MODIFY - INTERPRET FOOTAGE. Under the audio channels tab you can make adjustments to how Premiere handles the audio channels.


If that doesn't work, you might need to bring in the footage into a new sequence and delete the blank audio layers before bringing the footage into your master squence. Beyond that, you may wish to check with Adobe for additional recommendations about Premiere-specific adjustments to suit your workflow.

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Re: Shutting off Audio Channel 3&4 in C300 MKII

Thank you

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