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How Do I Troubleshoot No Audio From XLRs on C100 MkII

My C100 Mark II has been awesome but for whatever reason it won't let me record from the XLR inputs on the handle. It also stopped lighting the phantom power indicator on my shotgun. The microphone works when connected to the input on the body next to the headphone jack, just not the XLRs.  

I've restored it to factory settings, but that didn't change anything. 

Are there any settings buried deep in the menus that I might have accidentally changed to make the XLR inputs stop working. 


Or is there a step-by-step  troubleshooting method I can use to isolate what part of the camera is at fault? 



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Re: How Do I Troubleshoot No Audio From XLRs on C100 MkII

Hi jimmy1,

There are a few quick things we can do to troubleshoot common issues.


The first thing I would recommend is checking your connections and external hardware. To do this, I would first remove and then reattach the connection from the handle to the camera body, if this is not connected it won't matter what else we do.


Then you want to make sure your physical switches on the handle are set properly, the INT/EXT switch on the handle control panel should be set to EXT and that your MIC/LINE/MIC+48V switch on the associated mic is set to correspond the the microphone, basically if your microphone has its own battery and preamp you will want the switch set to mic, and if it doesn't then you set it to mic+48V.


Based on what you have said it also sounds like you might be using a microphone that naturally connects via 3.5mm mic port, are you able to test the XLR adapter with another microphone and ideally another XLR device if possible?

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Re: How Do I Troubleshoot No Audio From XLRs on C100 MkII

. It’s an XLR mic but I used an adapter to plug it into the 3.5mm socket, sorry about that.Let me give these a try.
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