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Easy to use, on the go camera slider dolly?

Hey guys!
Are there any easy to use, on the go camera slider dollies that is easier to set up than the indislider? I have one but it's a little heavy and the track isn't the smoothest (I've tried olive oil and water, there's still slight bumps on the track which makes for rough video footage). I know there's gotta be something out there that's better than the indislider (including shipping, it was $120 I think). I'm gonna be making a lot of videos this summer and this indislider might actually slow me down. Thanks!
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Re: Easy to use, on the go camera slider dolly?

Any slider under about $1000 is going to have some issues. You just need to add some weight and really tight tolerances before things get smooth.


I had a Kessler Slider Dolly 2.0 and liked it for awhile, but over time the hardware starts to get loose and no amount of fixing it will help. I had a Edelkrone that was half the size and it never seemed to be perfect, either. The only sliders I've used that are reliably rock solid are incredibly heavy and thousands of dollars.



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