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Re: Canon's Data Import Utility C100

Thanks for the info on how to get to the oringal files for us OS X users without the CD or a superdrive!

Quickly getting unique filenames for FCPX is a big help in keeping clips sorted.

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This is a little late but I figured I'd mention this in case someone else has the same problem I did. If you go to the pixela homepage and select professional camcorders you should see ver 1, 2, & 2.3 listed for different c100 makes. If you click on either of the "download" links under the quick menu you'll be taken to the update-only downloads. But if you click the "software" link under the quick menu you'll be taken to a page where you can enter the serial number of your C100 and download the complete data import utility. Should work for all C100 models.


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Re: Canon's Data Import Utility C100

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Re: Canon's Data Import Utility C100

I have a canon c100 first edition and have lost the canon import Utlitly disc.  I had inported it on my IMac which got struck by lightening today and was fried including hard drive.   I am trying to download to my macbook pro which believe it or not still has Snow leopard because I have to keep Final cut por on there for past clients commercial timelines with donuts.   So no upgrade is possible at this time with this computer.    I have shot a number of jobs and have to get these imported and edited and can't do it without the import utility.  Problem is, version 1 only has an update, no download of teh software and only for PC.  Called canon and they told me to call Pixella which no longer has a working number.   Nobody can sell me a disc.   I am willing to pay.  this is insane.   Canon sells me a $6000 camera with a disc bundled that can't be replaced, and no download capabilities.  Help canon, any advise.  Or anyone have another option.   I can't import canon c100 into FCP 7.  Not supported so I need to stitch and then transcode to pro res in clipwrap.   any work around to do this.  Stiitching long wedding cereemony is a must with no file breaks in time.  Any help would be soooooo appreciated.   I am on a deadline!

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