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Canon C70 Lens recommendations?

I am needing a little direction on the best lens to start out filming with the C70. I do have some nikon G glass but no EF or RF. I might pick up an adapter to be able to use my Nikon glass with it knowing I will lose connection to the camera. But if I am going to only get one lens for video do you think it is better to go with the RF 15-35 for 2300? or would it be better to buy the speedbooster adapter for EF lenses and get EF instead? What lenses would you recommend for video on the C70?

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Re: Canon C70 Lens recommendations?

Hi CarlosHunter,


Thanks for checking in with us!


The speedboaster might be a good option if you have access to EF lenses that you can borrow or rent, but if you're just starting your lens collection, I would suggest that you consider an RF lens.


One of the primary benefits of using our new RF lenses is that corrections did not have to be made to the lens design to accommodate the mirror of a DSLR so the lens design benefits by being simpler and allowing for a larger image circle without added size.


This larger image circle combined with the 12 points of communication between the lens and body (EF lenses have 8) means the camera and lens communicate faster and with more information and the image stabilization is more effective.


The shorter distance between the image sensor of your camera and the RF lenses also means your corner-to-corner image sharpness will be better as well. To learn more about the benefits of our RF lenses, you can visit the link below:


The RF 15-35mm F2.8L IS USM is a versatile wide-angle lens, but for your first lens, you might want to consider something that has both wide-angle and telephoto capabilities like the RF 24-105mm F4L.

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Re: Canon C70 Lens recommendations?

i really you need to try 70-200 f/2.8 RF len......the best .....


good luck.

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