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Best way to transfer files off SD card

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Hi - I'm new to the forums and new to this camera, so thank you for being kind with your answers to my (maybe sometimes) simple questions!


I am setting up a simple video studio in our office that anyone can use. I'm using the Canon XA-15 as my camera. I have an SD card installed, but of course, it requires people to remove the SD card and plug into a computer at the end of their recording session. Whilst this is an OK option, I would love to find a way that is even simpler to avoid the potential for lost SD cards or damage to the camera by constant handling.


Is there a way to have the files automatically transferred onto a nearby laptop? I have heard of wifi-enabled SD cards and am not sure if that would be an option? Or what about having the camera permanently plugged into a computer so that files can be downloaded without touching the SD card? Which of these options are viable?


I have a Macbook Air available if needed. Here is a pic of the setup so far - just for your information.





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Re: Best way to transfer files off SD card

Hell startupav, 

The manual suggest installing and using the Data Import Utility to save movies to your computer using the following steps. 

1.  Power the camera with the compact power adapter. 

2.  Set the switch on camera to MEDIA. 

3.  Open the desired movie index screen. 

4.  Connect the camera using the IFC-400PCU USB cable.

5. Touch [All for P Conly]. 

6.  On your computer, click Data Import Utility icon to start. 

7.  Use Data Import Utility to save movies. 

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Re: Best way to transfer files off SD card

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I would beware of using wireless cards as you're adding in just another thing to go wrong- or cause the card to crash during or after filming. I've read plenty of very unhappy photographers who had theirs crash and in the process losing whatever was on the card too. In that light I'd personally never use a wireless card if that was the only medium being recorded too.

Certainly there are ways to connect via USB to a laptop for transfer via USB.

The other option might be to invest in an external recorder via HDMI cable, which will also allow for higher bit depth or expanded formats not found within the camera itself. For example the various Atomos recorders allow for recording to the ProRes format and depending on what you're shooting, the difference in quality is substantial.

This option can serve a secondary function:automatic backup because you'd still be recording to your SD card at the same time. That way when the shoot is done, you pop out the SSD drive inside the external recorder and plug it into the adapter it comes with. At that point you can edit right off that drive or copy to whatever your editing computer will be.

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