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Third party Startup software for retired Power Shot A590 IS


I received a Retired Power Shot A590 IS but do not know if the current software supports Windows or Mac. Canon has retired that camera and no longer provides driver/software support. Is there a third party provider for startup discs or software downloads? The camera works but I don't know how to tell whether it's been setup for Windows or Mac (preferred). Was able to get a PDF user guide but no apparent options for the Mac startup software. Any sources other than Canon? Thanks in advance 🙂


Hi Norm, Got the Canon OEM cable recommended for my A590 and it's working perfectly. No issues so far. The software downloads were file management apps which I don't needs as I use Apple Photos for that purpose. Thanks again for your help.

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 What software are you looking for? There is no Windows or Mac software in the camera. Camera software is only loaded on a computer or phone. You can use a USB cable to connect the camera to a computer to download photos using File Explorer. Or you can use a USB card reader to download photos to your computer from the SD card.

Hi Bob, Thanks for your very timely reply. I guess what I'm looking for is the Mac software for my computer as noted in the user guide. I'm running Monterey on an iMac which may be too recent an OS. The USB cable to computer transfer sounds like what I was expecting but didn't want to purchase the cable unless this was all going to work. My next option would have been to go for a card reader. I've never used one so is the computer software still required? Thanks again


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You don't need any software for your computer to use a card reader or a direct connection from camera to computer. It should appear as a drive letter in your operating system's file explorer when connected.

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The Canon support site, that I linked in your other post on this camera, shows a CameraWindow DC program for Windows. You could download and try that out if you have a Windows computer. You really don't need any programs to get the photos off of the camera onto your computer.



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Source for A590 IS software - Canon Community

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Hi Rick, I'm definitely going to look into the CarePak options available to me. Thanks for bringing them to my attention. Much appreciated


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The Canon Europe site has more software options for your camera. 

If you are merely wanting to download pictures, you don't need this software,

Hi Bob, Thanks for the link to Canon Europe. Never would have thought of that. I plan on playing with all of the cameras' features but my main concern is the ability to download my shots to my Mac and that sounds like it's not an issue. I'll be picking up a USB cable and looking forward to using this nice little camera.

Best, John

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I would get the card reader in addition to the USB Cable. It is faster and less likely to have any issues. Be sure to get a data USB cable as some are only charging cables.

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