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My dppm4.6.30 installer doesnt want to install


Hi Everyone, 

My name is Zita. I m new to Canon and new to photography but not new to installing things, hence I m just beyond frustrated at this point. 

I have registered my newly purchased "used" camera 5D Mark III, and went through the installation process for the dppm software, but my computer doesnt want to proceed after a cetain point. Did anyone have this problem? If yes, how did you resolve it? Not sure if I am missing a step or not. 

This is the point where if I keep clicking on the cd/ arrow image, it says its extracting files, but once thats done, I have this "cd/arrow" image flash once on my deck and then goes away, and nothing proceeds. 

Please help. Including image of where things get stuck.


installer stuck



Mac OS 10.12.5

Available memory 54.74 GB

Rebooted several times. 


All the best, 







Hello zitamolnar, 

Once you see this icon appear on the desktop you need to drag it to the Applications folder to finish the install.  

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