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How does the Unsharp Mask feature in DPP4 compare to other implementations?


This post about DPP4 Unsharp Mask is related to this other one about Unsharp Mask but is sufficiently different I thought it should stand on its' own.


The "Unsharp Mark" feature of DPP4 uses some strange terminology as compared to other image editing tools.  For example, this Wikipedia article describes the parameters used to control the sharpening operation as "Radius, Amount, and Threshold" as do many, possibly most, other implementations of this tool.  DPP4 uses the terms "Strength, Fineness, and Threshold".  Using different terms is not so bad by itself but it also appears as though the metrics are quite different.  Is it possible that DPP4 intends "Strength" to be similar to "Amount", "Fineness" to be similar to "Radius", with "Threshold" being similar to the conventional use of the term "Threshold"?  If not how do they relate?  If so, how does the zero to ten in increments of tenths relate to the conventional metrics?


Of course another possibility is that the term "Unsharp Mask" means something completely different in DPP4 than it does in other image editing software.  If so, is it possible to find a documented explanation of what the tools is doing?  In that, a more elaborate explanation than what is contained in the DPP4 User Manual.  Something along the lines of the previously referenced Wikipedia article.



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