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EOS Webcam Utility won't install


Hi there,

Please forgive me if I'm missing something obvious.  I installed the EOS Webcam Utility for Mac on my 2018 MacBook Pro, as directed, restarted the computer as directed, and plan to use it for my Canon 80Dt.  However, the only EOS Webcam Utility file in Applications only has an Unstall file  in it, no way to use the application.   I repeated the procedure to make sure I did it right, and the same thing happened.

Can anyone tell me why I can't get the EOS Webcam Utility application to show something other than Uninstaller?


Barbara (Happycam)


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for checking in with us.

EOS Webcam Utility is not something you have to launch once it's installed. It will run in the background, so you should be able to connect the camera by USB and then launch your live-streaming program of choice.

You can see the list of supported programs on the link below:

If problems persist, check the Wi-Fi setting in the camera's menu and make sure it is turned off. Otherwise the camera's USB port won't be active. 

Also, make sure that the camera is set to shoot movies, not photos. It might also help to try disconnecting other accessories from the computer, just to make sure that they're not interfering.


It flat out refuses to install. I go through all the install process, it unpacks, goes through install progress bar comes close to complete, it hangs for several minutes and then pops up with

EOS Webcam Utility

! Service EWCService' (EWCService.EXE) failed to start. Verify

That you have sufficient privileges to start system services.


Try retry all day long and it just repeats only option is to cancel, once cancelled the completion bar "drains" and up pops up

EOS Webcam Utility Pro Setup was Interrupted

EOS Webcam Utility Pro setup ended prematurely because of an error. Your system has not been modified. To install this program at a later time, please run the installation again. Click the finish button to exit the wizard.


I AM the Administration. My Account IS the Administrator, I have selected RUN as administer. Etc. 20 times. same results.

Greetings trehki,

Please check to see if there is any security software or security settings enabled that may prevent the EOS Webcam Utility from installing. Please ensure you're downloading the latest version from the support page for your camera.

Close or uninstall any other Canon software that may currently be running in the background and attempt to install the EOS Webcam Utility software.

If possible, test the installation on a different computer. If the EOS Webcam Utility installs without issues, then there may be something on your first computer that is preventing the software from installing. The next step is to suggest to please contact the manufacturer of your computer or Microsoft for further assistance.


Clearly the issue is related to something in your Windows 10 environment. Instead of hijacking someone else's thread, it would be best to start your own post. The original poster has a MAC, you are running Windows There is nothing similar about your environments. His Software installed properly, he was expecting an application he could launch, but the original WebCam Utility v1 was a service, not a program.

The WebCam Pro Utility v2 adds a User Interface and if subscribed, adds wireless, multiple camera and scene support. Note the Rebel T2i is not officially supported, if it works, that's great, but please understand this could change without notice. Your T7i is fully supported.

The issue you are experiencing on your Windows 10 PC might have more than one cause, but a third party software or permissions is likely the problem. It could also be related to an incompatible hardware driver or missing update. As you can see, these have nothing to do with the original users version1 install in his MAC environment.

For specific information related to the error, you can review your System Event Log. This might tell you why the application is unable to install successfully.

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Hi @happycam,
I don't know what OS version you currently use but it seems the software isn't compatible currently for M1 with Big Sur and later OS.
I met a similar issue with a Macbook M1 with Monterey. The isntall seem to go smooth but the camera isn't detected on the apps after the requested reboot.
See here :

Canon EOS 7D Sigma 18-200

Just to clarify for everyone.

The OP was installing WebCam Utility v1 on his MAC, and was looking for a program to launch. His application installed successfully, he just didn't know the v1 software ran as a service. There was nothing to "launch".

Subsequently, another user (Windows 10 & 11) posted to this thread. He experienced an unrelated installation issue in one of his windows environments. Different scenario, hardware and OS. I suggested he start his own topic for visibility.

@Mik3D pointed out something few have mentioned. Zoom makes a specific ARM based installer for Apple Silicon (M1, M2) so if you are using the Zoom Meetings Client on a non-intel based MAC, you will need to install the correct client and allow the application the correct permissions in GateKeeper.

Canon now offers and supports Webcam Utility Pro v2. This is a subscription based product that can be used with a limited feature set if you do not subscribe. v1 of the Webcam Utility is no longer supported.

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