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EOS Webcam Utility and 6D problem (black screen)


Hello. In the newly installed and updated Windows 10x64 Pro, I'have installed the OBS and the EOS Webcam Utility. The utility is visible in the OBS as a video source, the Canon 6D camera is connected, the video is visible. But after a while, a black rectangle appears instead of the image. Turning the camera on / off, restarting the OBS and even rebooting the OS do not help.
How to explain this and how to fix it?


What do you mean by “newly installed and updated Windows 10”?

Are using a PC that meets both the software and hardware prerequisites to run the Canon apps?
"The right mouse button is your friend."

1. I mean "just installed, no other application, except OBS installed", "updated" means "all updates are installed" 🙂

2. Can you, please, show me on prerequisites requirements for software and hardware to run EOS Webcam Utility? Even no requirements for OS there, which is undoubtedly incorrect. But I suppose my PC meets, so the Canon 6D...