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EOS Webcam Utility Doesn't Detect EOS 750D Since Updating to Ventura


Thanks for reporting.

I'm on a 750D which has worked very nicely with the Webcam Utility since December 2020. Since updating to Ventura, most programs (Chrome/Google Meet, Zoom, Teams) don't detect the virtual camera at all.

From what I understand there are at least these options to play with:

  • clear NVRAM
  • EOS Webcam Utility Pro 2.0 vs 1.1 vs 1.0
  • try different camera modes -- "I've got TV mode selected on my EOS 250D and with 2.0 it's working fine again"
  • combine "EOS Utility 3.16.1 for macOS (for macOS 11)" and v2 of webcam -- I've no idea if/how either of these may interplay with the camera, USB bus etc.
  • "backup your computer to Time Machine, reset your computer in System Settings, reinstall EOS Utility from the Japanese Canon site (translate to English), and it should work on Ventura"
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