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Digital Photo Professional 4 Non-responsive Following File Save


I've been using DPP4 since its introduction on my Windows 7 desktop without incident. I just upgraded to a new computer with Windows 10, more RAM (16 GB), and faster CPU (i7-8700). I now find that DPP (4.7) hangs for about 30 seconds following a file save.The strange thing is that DPP (and only DPP) becomes temporarily non-responsive following ANY file save, even a small Notepad text file. Watching Windows Task Manager, I see that the CPU utilization jumps to about 12% following a file save for about 30 seconds, but only when DPP is open. Any idea what's causing this and how to fix it?


DPP has been a mess for years now.  I went to all SSD processing, a good cpu, and plenty of RAM and that means it only stalls once in a while.  I finally bought DX0 Photolab and all my RAW processing goes smooth as silk.


I stongly suggest dumping DPP for something better (Lightroom, DX0, or ?)

Hi Magurian, I'm using DPP for the first part of my digital darkroom processing because I like how it handles the RAW files better. The picture styles, sharpness etc that I do in the camera carries over better. With LR it is stripped out. So, I start the process in DPP. Convert the files and then head over to LR to catalogue, do any additional processing if necessary or take to NIK and/or PS.

I'm using the workaround and so far it is stable. Fingers crossed that Canon is working on DPP 5 that will be more stable and not require the work arounds. So far they are working no issues after I gave permissions to the folders with photos. Probably better this way since the new profile doesn't have files in the other folders. Nothing for DPP to keep scanning.

I strongly recommend you download the trial version of DX0 Photolab.  I think you will find that it blows away DPP.   It also has excellent camera-lens combination optical correction.  Does any other software correct for the camera-lens combinations?  I think others just correct for the lens.  Is this true?


Anyway, I find it does far more and is faster than DPP.