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Can't upgrade Webcam Utility to Pro (software stuck in a loop, won't login) Video of issue attached


Using Windows 10 I am trying to upgrade the Webcam Utility to Pro and there is no path to upgrade it.

It asks me to login and it is like it is stuck in a loop and never thinks I'm logged in.  The username and password is correct as I can login on the site with a browser and have successfully purchased the Pro Subscription.

Version 2.0.30

Video of issue here:




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi shelton,

I'm sorry to hear your EOS Webcam Utility Pro subscription is not activating. I tried viewing the video you linked. Unfortunately it is not loading on my work computer. 

One thing to try would be to try restarting your computer. When you restart your computer it would be best to use the restart option in the operating system rather than using the power button on the computer. Also if you have pending operating system updates we would recommend allowing those to go through. Sometimes if there is a stuck process running in the background, or if there is a pending operating system update, it can block the activation. Restarting the computer can help with both of those issues.

If the issue continues we would need a little bit more information for further trouble shooting. When you try to activate the subscription through the EOS Webcam Utility software are you seeing any error messages, and if you are seeing an error message what does it say word for word? Also is this a work computer or a personal computer? If it is a work computer it may be good to contact your company's helpdesk to make sure there isn't a security setting blocking the EOS Webcam Utility from accessing the internet.

None of this works and finally getting back into the forum was a nightmare.  My UserName was not my email and there is no way to get your UserName.  I ended up guessing it correct and then was finally able to get back in.  How does Canon operate like this?

I'm just giving up and am going to hack the firmware with Magic Lantern and then it will allow a clean HDMI out and I'll just use an HDMI input.  This webcam software is horrible and so is the ability to get support.  I'm unable to get support on the Canon site so I had to come here.  Sad to see Canon dropping the ball.  I have to resort to so many hacks to get this to work.  Boo Canon.

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