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XA40 Custom Picture profiles missing?


I just picked up my XA40 on Monday, I updated to the latest Firmware mainly for the Custom Picture profiles. I have seen these for several other models and that are have some defaule settings for CP1 - CP6, but when I look at these profiles, there are all set to Normal?


Where is Wide DR, Canon Log 3, EPS Std.?

Do these have to be loaded seperatly?

Where do I get them to load them?



Chris Sgaraglino
Blog: The Outdoor Life
Website: Widow Creek Photography


FYI, in looking at the user manual, I see no trace of the word 'Wide' or 'Log' regarding gamma.  I also went to the Canon web page for the XA40, expanded all of the sections under Features, but also found nothing stating the camera has Wide DR or any Canon log.


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EOS C70, RF 24-70 f/2.8L IS, EF-EOS R 0.71x

So I am asking because I am seeing these profiels for XA50/55 that have updated their Firmware.


I do see that Canon states "Adds [EOS Standard] and [Production Camera] color matrix presets to custom picture modes." for the XA50 - and I assumed that tif they took the time to do create them for the XA50, and took the time to add the ability to the XA40, they would also preload the profiles.


But I guess that was is a big assumption...


Chris Sgaraglino
Blog: The Outdoor Life
Website: Widow Creek Photography

I bought an XA40 a few weeks ago and the first thing I did was install the latest firmware hoping to see the custom profiles. Unfortunately like you have found they did'nt show on the XA40. However with the updated firmware I started getting recording error messages so finished up getting the camera replaced. As yet I havn't updated the replacement camcorders firmware for fear of getting the error messages back. I'm unsure just what I'm missing by not updating to be honest.

Only the XF400/405, XA50/55 and HF-G60 get the full CP feature set:


The XA40/45 and HF-G50 get a limited CP feature set - namely the option to switch between Normal and Standard BT709 gamma, Normal being the default in preset CP1 and the option to edit other image characterstics and save them as user-defined custom presets.


XA40 CP presets.PNG




XA40 Normal vs Std Gamma.PNG



Canon, I call bull**bleep**! I have search CP1-6 and I see all the settings, but I don't have a Master's in Cinematography to understand all the crap you plugged in there. This camera is not targeted at professional filmmakers! You gave the 50 color profiles - yet not the 40. This is a LAZY Bull**bleep** move, and as a Nikon guy, now I remember why I am a Nikon guy!


FYI: Anyone interested in a slightly used XA40?

Chris Sgaraglino
Blog: The Outdoor Life
Website: Widow Creek Photography