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Vixia HF S200 recording purple snow over video

No trauma to the camera that I know of. One day I was recording and could see green snow and horizontal lines on the bottom third of the frame. That was a few months ago and now that I have some time decided to take a look at it.

So when I turn it on the top two thirds of the frame has purple snow but I can see through it almost like it’s transparent. When I play a video on the camera the purple is full screen. When I pull the memory card and play on my computer all recordings are ok excel for the two I took in the day it broke. And they only have the purple snow on the lower third of the screen.

Something is really odd about all this I know it was first green snow now it’s purple...

Hoping it might be a lose ribbon or some other quick fix. If it’s the processor or focal body I’m looking at a bigger bill.

Anyone have any idea what is going on here. I also reset the camera to factory specs.

Forgot to mention when I put it in picture mode it’s clear except for a two or three short horizontal white lines



I am sorry to hear that this occurs.  We recommend sending the unit to Canon for evaluation.  You can set up an online repair request through our online system at  

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