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Vixia HF G Series - Video At Night - Focus Issue


Last night I shot 8 minutes of fireworks with my Vixia HF G20 using M Mode.  Most of the video turned out well and the audio was assume as I was almost directly underneath the display.  I was using M mode and made no other changes to the defaults. 


At times it drifted out and back into focus. How can I keep the scene in focus all the time?


This is the link to the video I am referring to:


Thanks in advance


John Turner


Rising Star

Even though you are in M mode you can still have auto focus selected. M merely gives you the capabillity of using manual setting selectivly. When turning on the camera it will default to autofocus. Just set focus to manual and you will be fine. Autofocus systems need light to operate so if you are in a dark enviroment you have to focus manually.

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