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VIXIA HF R500 stops auto focusing after a minute or two, won't reboot




I purchased this refurb HF R500 from the Canon Official Store in November. It worked well until last month when it suddenly stopped focusing when zooming. I've tried full auto as well as setting every focus related item using "P" mode as well as manual focus.


Here's the typical scenario:

  • Turn on camcorder/open lens cover (splash screen is fine and shows the settings info)
  • Camcorder will focus at any zoom position for a minute or two, then stops auto focus when zoom changes
  • Focus is locked at one zoom position (can be anywhere between wide and tele, no pattern)
  • Get frustrated, press power button to reboot. Camcorder shows message for not disconnecting power then turns off.
  • Turn camera back on, green light solid & red data light flickers for two secs, but get a backlit black screen, even though sounds for startup and closed cover warning can be heard. (does not matter whether SD card installed or not)
  • Remove battery from camera, as power and playback buttons do nothing
  • Camcorder now feels warm under hand strap and the ports for HDMI, Headphones/AV, & Mic (was not holding the camcorder, so not body heat)


It seems as though the camera is overheating? Ambient temp was approx. 70 degrees in 40% relative humidity. It is pretty much useless in this state. I've been using camcorders since VHS, and this is the first that has ever given me  issues with autofocus and power up.


Any help is appreciated.





You should contact Canon Support at 1-800-OK-CANON.

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