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Suggestions for a Decent Camcorder? (Affordable)


Hi everyone, 

My dad has used a Canon camera during my childhood, so I have memories of it and knowing it is among good camera brands. I have recently been considering to purchase a camcorder to make general home and nature videos, since I'm tired of sharing the memory space with my phone and I want something with a better quality than the phone lens. I have seen that there is a "newer" model of camcorder offered by Canon called the "R800". Although I like the warmness of the image it (or it seems to me to have a reddish-tinge), the image seems rather closed in or cropped (compared to another brand, say Sony CX405). It seems to have a nice audio recording quality too. Although, I'm not ready to pay $200 for a camcorder.. I have had many costs to take care of and I don't have a lot of money for it now.. I don't mind purchasing an older camcorder, as long as it's reliable, works and has a good image and sound quality and will last me at least a few years. While I'm not looking for a too expensive camera, just something high quality enough to capture a landscape or save a moment in a good nice HQ decent quality (1080p or 720p is fine). Are there any suggestions out there, of an older camcorder by Canon? One that's afforable for the moment..  

Thank you guys in advance for your replies and I hope to soon (eventually) have a camcorder that can serve me well for some time to come and record memories on. 

Please let me know in the comments of this thread your thoughts! Thanks! Smiley Happy



I don't think a $200 budget is going to cut it.  At B&H, used Canon R800 units are around $280.


Honestly, if you have a recent smart phone, you'd probably be better off.


Over the years, I've really enjoyed Canon's Vixia line.  Last one being their HF G50.  These have all hovered around $1,000 though.


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