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New XA15 won't record video


Hey everyone. I'm new to videography and I'm hoping my issue is just a result of that but I have a new xa15 that was delivered yesterday. I tried a couple SD cards, one of which was a name brand, that I initialized in the camera. When I try to record video all it says is "no scenes" and a black screen.  The photo function works fine.  I've also messed with all the options and settings and nothings working.




Sounds lke you got the battery charged and the camera set up properly, card installed formatted in the camera etc.  Takes photos.


What happens when you press the record button?


Is the camera not recording or are you not able to playback "no scenes"?


Try resetting the camera, on the off chance you inadvertently changed something you shouldn't have. 


Next step, call Canon.  You'll get the help you need and can quickly determine if the problem is you or the camera.

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Are you recording in MP4 or AVCHD because they have separate 'Index Screens' when you go into MEDIA ? Maybe you are selecting the wrong 'Index Screen' ?


See XA11/15 Instruction Manual - page 94 - under 'Playing Back Video'.