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Limited Autofocus in HF G60 (or XA 50) when using WideDR or Canon Log-3?


I have the Vixia HF G50 which doesn't have wider gammas (so the firmware update offering Canon Log-3 doesn't apply this device).


I was looking into a possible upgrade to either the HF G60 or XA 50 which do offer Canon Log-3.  However, the manual states this about autofocus:


"Autofocus may not work well on the following subjects or in the following cases. In such case[SIC], focus manually ... When the [Gamma] setting in the custom picture file or look is set to [Canon Log 3] or [BT.709 Wide DR]."


As the whole point of an equipment upgrade was to get a higher dynamic range, it would be a deal-killer if one has to give up on autofocus.


For owners of any of the Canon camcorders that have WideDR (and especially the new firmware offering Canon Log 3), have you found any autofocus issues in this mode?  Note that one would still have autofocus issues, e.g. with reflective surfaces, etc.  This specific items called out in the manual.  Just scratching my head as to why having a wider gamma setting would affect autofocus.  Perhaps its a hit to the processor? i.e. not enough horsepower to deal with the wider gamma and autofocus logic at the same time?


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Hi Ricky,  Under what conditions do you even use Auto Focus ?  I haven't used it in years and I've done lots and lots of Sports Videography.  Doing Roller Derby for last 10yrs, and never use it.  In 48yrs of Videography, I've seldom used Auto Focus. ???   I suspect the issue you're encountering has to with the type of Auto Focus system these Cameras use.  If Contrast Based, that may be the culprit. 

Rising Star
Rising Star

Wide DR on my G40 never had a problem with autofocus. Does that warning in the manual relate to shooting in low light? If the G60 or XA50 use contrast based autofocus then this can be affected by low light situations resulting in focus hunting. It's possible Log 3 and Wide DR exacerbate this problem. Therefore manual focus is the way to go in low light scenarios.

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