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Canon Vixia HF G50


Is the WL-D89 remote control compatible with the Vixia HF G50? I like the reviews of this camera but the remote control is something I also like about my Vixia HF G40 camera.



The web site and user manual only make mension of the RC-V100 Remote Controller.   The manual also states that other "commercially available remote control" items can be used but they will differ with zoom speeds (see page 52 of the manual).  No other brands are listed, of course.


While I own the Vixia HF G50, I do not have any remote equipment so cannot offer any help beyond the above.


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Rising Star

The WL-D89 wireless (infra-red) remote is compatible and included with the HF-G60, but not the HF-G50. Being an HF-G40 owner myself, I agree, the WL-D89 is a useful accessory. I use LANC zoom/record remotes (Libec and an older Manfrotto model that powers the camcorder off/on) when the camcorder is mounted on a tripod (Fig-Rig also) but the WL-D89 comes in useful when I'm taking static, hands-free shots on a video monopod (Sirui P204S); the monopod wobbles for about 5 seconds after you let go, so I can use the WL-D89 to record, and zoom if needs be, without touching the camera again. Also good for taking remote self/group shots when the screen panel (where the IR sensor resides) is rotated forward. Pity Canon haven't come up with universal wireless remote that doesn't require pointing at a sensor - would probably cost an arm and a leg though.