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8mm film


I want to convert old 8mm film to digital, but not sure about converting to a high definition (HD) format or just standard digital format (SD).  My goal is to end have the best quality, but also to be able to play back on my computer, HDTV and use the entire wide screen(s) without compromising picture quality.  In addition, I want the file in a format that I can edit such as using Windows Movie Maker and/or share with others, i.e., burn to a DVD.


I have researched some, but get into technical issues such as the aspect ratio and the fact that in HD, I would still not have use of the entire screen.  For example, the picture would have better picture quality, but with the black bars either on the top and bottom or sides.


 Also, I noticed some of the companies performing these services can get very expensive.  The SD conversions appear to be more reasonably priced, but I prefer to have the best quality. 


Does anyone have any recommendations on how best to proceed? Thanks for your help.

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