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XF400 image distortion

My XF400 image was damaged after pressing the infrared button ON and OFF switch. It's now permanently purple, if i press the button once again it looks as if the filter was out of place. It doesn't go back to normal (I had never pressed the infrared button before since I have no use for it, I was just testing it).


The camera has barely 3 months of use, three months and a couple of days actually. I bought the camera at B&H. I am in Brazil and I was told by Canon that the warranty doesn't cover something that seems a manufacturing problem. I have shown them the B&H receipt. proof of purchase. They answer emails sporadically, making communication with Canon Brazil very cumbersome


I went out of my way to warn others about this problem by writing a review at B&H and on Amazon.


I think what got me the most annoyed about this whole experience is the attitude Canon took. They told me that I would have to pay for the repair if I want the camera to function again normally, which in Brazil is the same as buying a brand new XF400 out of the box in New York. Now, why would I spend the equivalent of a brand new camera to repair a camera that is already new? Why would the customer be responsible in paying a manufacturing error?


Canon Brazil said that it would be best if I travel to the states and send the camera for repair there (since sending from a developing country is not recommendable). So that means I have to buy a plane ticket, get a place to stay, send the camera for repair, wait to see if it's covered by the warranty, and hope for the best. The Canon representative commented that I could have purchased an extended warranty at B&H. Well, you see, I thought that Canon was a reliable brand, I wouldn't need an extended warranty, and that manufacturing errors would be common sense that the company would cove, especially with new equipment.


This experience has left me with a sour taste. I have invested a lot in the brand in the past. 


I've bought from them:


Canon 1DX Mark II

5D (the original)

5D Mark II

5D Mark III

Canon 80D

XF300 (previous model)

70-200mm 2.8

24mm 1.4

50mm 1.2

24-70mm 2.8

135mm 2.0

16-35mm 4.0

100mm 2.8macro

85mm 1.2

85mm 1.4



XF400 distortion

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Re: XF400 image distortion

What do B&H have to say? If the warrenty does not cover a manufacturing problem,  normaly one of the things a warrenty is for, then it is pointless.

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