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Legria H R87

Hello all...thanks for allowing me to join your community. I have just purhased a Canon Legria HF R87 and I have a couple of things I would like to ask advice about.

I am a long-time camcoder user but this is my first Legria 87. The first thing I want to ask about is the delay in firing up the camera ...when I open the LCD to activate the camera, there is a 7 second delay bfore the screen turns on and I can start recording. Canon say this camcorder has "Quick Start" but I can't find any reference to it in the there any way this can be speeded up please...7 seconds is just unaceptable to me and I feel certain I must be missing something here.

Second thing is, when the screen does fire up, the "Info Panel" shoots across from the right and obscures the image on the screen. Can this panel be disabled or hidden please.

The camcorder this is supposed to be replacing for me is a Sony Handycam and that fires up in about 1.5 seconds...both my bridge cameras are ready to go in about the same time so I am really concerned about this long delay.

Any advice appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Legria H R87

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Does it start any faster if you use the ON/OFF button to start the R87 instead of the LCD screen? 


You can disable the Power On Using the LCD Screen option (p. 228 of the User Manual).  You don't have to disable it to use the ON/OFF button.

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Re: Legria H R87

No...the delay is the same however I do it. Thank you for your response. I have finally been able to get a response from Canon who tell me that the delay is an essential part of electical safety procedures and cannot be changed. I have returned the camera as being unsuitable.

Thank you.  (by the way, Pansonic camcorders fire up instantly...that's what I shall be buying)

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