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Re: Canon Vixia HF-R800 "Cannot Record"

I cannot tell you how many problems I've rooted out, and been able to fix myself, through Forums such as this! This particular video footage was extremely important to me, and the band featured in the video, since we needed it in order to submit to a number of music festivals this spring/summer--and the deadline(s) were upon us. Absolutely no time to re-shoot.


Some folks have suggested that Samsung adapters either have better conduction or the material they're made of is thinner/thicker by a millimeter so that it behaves more like a full-sized SD card. It was also speculated that the other adapters bowed a bit when the microSD was inserted which caused a problem. Obviously, we can only guess but whatever the reason, the Samsung worked in this situation!


I also had a close look (bought this via Amazon) at the adapters that came with various Samsung microSD cards and, frankly, they all looked the same on the images. So felt pretty comfortable buying one that didn't cost an arm & a leg ($30 range).


I shied away from the EVO Select that Amazon sells as I got feedback that these were manufactured in China specifically for Amazon. Still Samsung labeled but not the same as (say) EVO Pro (which is what I purchased). Since I already had so many problems with adapters, I didn't care to roll the dice on a China-manufactured part for this test run. Do not know whether it mattered but frankly don't care at this time. What I bought worked and that saved a boatload of blood, sweat, and tears!

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Re: Canon Vixia HF-R800 "Cannot Record" solution

Hello, I have 2 Canon Vixia HF-R800 and had the same issue with both, I many kinds of cards and some would work and some did not at varios times. I was able to determine that if I formatted the cards with my Canon EOS Rebel T6 then all my card worked whatever the card, Samung, Sandisk, Cheap 256gig cards from china did not matter. 


So if you have a Canon EOS Rebel T6 or I would assume similar camera you should see the same results I got after formatting.

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