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Canon Vixia HF R20 not turning on anymore

Hello, i hope everyone is fine.
This is my first topic, i have a problem with my camcorder.
I bought it used like 6 months ago and it had been working great. No problems.
I was using it like twice a month, one day (a month ago) i connected it to the AC power adapter but the led that indicates charging on my camera didn't turn on, i tried to turn it on and nothing, it's dead.
But i don't know why, battery didn't last so much lately, like 40 minutes (when i bought it, it indicated 60 minutes), but i suposse it should work connected even if battery doesn't work, doesn't it?
I don't know if it's worth buying a battery without actually knowing if it is the solution. I payed like 50 dollars for this camera.
What do you think is the problem?
Thanks in advance community Smiley Happy

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Re: Canon Vixia HF R20 not turning on anymore

Could be the power adapter or the battery.  

I've had this happen with a Canon DSLR when the battery was not seated properly.  Make sure the connection between the camera and battery is good.  You can blow off the connections with compressed air.  


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Re: Canon Vixia HF R20 not turning on anymore

Yes, you should be able to power up the camera using just the power adapter.  The excerpt below is from the user manual.




When you plug in the power adapter and turn the camera on is the battery still attached?  If yes, have you attempted to turn on the camera with just the power adapter and no battery attached?

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