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Canon VIXIA HF R700 shakes while on a tripod

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I recently bought a Canon VIXIA HF R700 as I wanted to try out canon this time as I used to have a Sony Handycam. I use the Canon camcorder for filming trains and I noticed that whenver the train passes the video shakes alot (Its on a tripod). My old Sony handycam never did that when it was on a tripod. Is there anyway to reduce the shakeyness because its really getting annoying.

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Re: Canon VIXIA HF R700 shakes while on a tripod

is the camera physically shaking?  Or, does the image just appear to shake?  I assume you're talking about real trains, not models.  Does the issue only appear when you are recording a passing train?


If it only happens when a passes, then it is likely caused by the train moving past the camera.  The first thought would be vibration.  I'd suspect the tripod first, and the camera second. 


How robust of a tripod are you using?  Some inexpensive tripods that you can buy in those Big Blue Box stores are made out of plastic, and they tend to shake a lot.  You can test this by moving to a different shooting location, further from the train. 


You can also lower the center column to its' minimum position, too.  Some tripods can vibrate like tuning fork in a slight breeze.  It's possible that the Canon has just the right weight to resonate with the tripod, especially with the center column raised.  Change something with how the tripod is set up, and see if that makes a difference.


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