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NOTICE re: Cleaning and Sanitizing of Broadcast and Cinema Lens Products

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The following is information regarding the procedure to clean the exterior surfaces of Broadcast and Cinema Lens products.


Cleaning of Broadcast and Cinema Lens Products


For the purpose of helping to sanitize your Broadcast and Cinema Lens products it is recommended that you clean parts touched with the hands frequently such as Drive Units (servo grips), Z/F/I rings, button/switches, LCD screens, dials, and lens exteriors.


  • Turn off the camera and remove the battery before cleaning.


  • Please use a pre-moistened cloth or wet a soft cloth with 70% to 80% diluted ethanol or isopropyl alcohol to help sanitize and clean your Canon product.  Lint-free or microfiber cloths are recommended.  It is recommended that you use and properly dispose of protective disposable rubber gloves.


  • Refrain from spraying alcohol directly on the product.  Instead, spray the cleaning agent onto a lint-free or microfiber cloth and then wipe the exterior surfaces.


  • Do not use alcohol to clean coated lens surfaces (e.g., optical front and rear glass).


  • For optical front and rear glass cleaning, apply a small amount of commercially available lens cleaner to lens-tissue and/or cleaning paper first. With a moist lens cleaning paper, gently swirl over the lens surface, starting at the center area of the lens and circling gradually outward until whole lens surface has been covered.  (Never spray lens cleaner directly on the lens surface)


  • Do not use cleaners that contain volatile solvents such as paint thinners or benzene to clean cameras and lenses.


This recommended cleaning procedure cannot guarantee the elimination of the novel coronavirus from Canon Broadcast and Cinema Lens products.  Be cautious in the storage and use of the alcohol, including following all product instructions and warnings.

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