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FREE Accidental Damage Protection



Accidents happen. That’s why we’ve got you covered with Canon CarePAK PLUS! Purchase select Canon products between October 29, 2017 and January 6, 2018. Simply register your product and receive 13 months of FREE accidental damage protection from Canon. Limited time offer! Learn more.

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Re: FREE Accidental Damage Protection

I am considering the CarePAK PLUS package for my TS8020 printers, but I have one question regarding the coverage included/excluded.


The Terms & Conditions page says that "disposable print heads" are not covered. This is of importance to me because of two factors. First, replacement print heads are not sufficently inexpensive for me to consider them "disposable" -- and, secondly, I have two Kodak printers, which were likewise not at all inexpensive, sitting packed away in a closet, because in each of them, the print head failed, and likewise, was quite expensive.


I purchased two of these printers from Walmart in the aftermath of "Black Friday." The did not make it easy! It took several days of work, culminating in an hour+ telephone session with Walmart, to persuade them to sell them to us at the advertised price. At first, they wanted us to drive to a Walmart about 40 miles away, to purchase them at nearly twice the advertised price! They listed the same printer at a wide variety of prices at different locations, saying it was out of stock in several of them.


The store closest to us had it priced at $25.00, which to me was a no-brainer -- but getting them to honor that price was like pulling teeth from a sabertooth tiger! They would deny that it was the actual price (even though we were looking at in on screen!) -- they would deny that it was in stock (even though we were looking at the store location, which said that it was in stock).


Finally, they agreed, in a most unconventional way: They told us we would need to pay the regular sale price (about $70 as I recall), and then issue us a refund for the difference, so that we would end up paying $25.00. But, we would need to wait a few days for an email notification telling us we could go pick them up at the store.


I wanted to get two of them because I wanted to keep one on hand as a spare, mainly in case I should need to replace the print head, since the price of the printer was a fraction of the cost of a replacement print head.


I had originally wanted to purchase four printers, but at one point, when we were persuaded to go to the other store, and pay the higher price, I cut back to getting two printers. As I recall, by the time we could have gotten to that store, they'd raised the price! So, we gave up.


The next day, out of curiosity, I looked at my Walmart app, and found that it was again in stock in the closest store -- at $25.00! And that was when the real "fun" began...


Since my wife and I were so frazzled by the entire load of nonsense -- and, both dealing with the flu (and myself being physically disabled did not help), we forgot to change the "two" to "four" when struggling to place the order.


In retrospect, I wish I'd bought six of them! The $25.00 cost was trivial -- I could have opened each box, removed the print heads and the ink carts, then sold the printers on Ebay (as "New in box, ink and print head removed") for what I'd paid (or more!) -- and had a nice supply of ink and spare print heads for free!


Hindsight once again proves that it is indeed 20/20... and on that note, I shall stop digressing. Smiley Happy


Anyway, this is why it is important for me to know whether or not the print head in the TS8020 is considered "disposable." I tried "thinking it through" -- "applying logic -- and common sense" (i.e., perhaps they are referring to the print heads that are integral to the disposable ink cartridges used in other model printers (such as the other model Canon printer we'd purchased for our son about a week prior, also at the ridiculous price of $25.00) -- since these print heads are part and parcl of a disposable ink cart, the print heads are obviously disposable.


But on the other hand, if the print head on the TS8020 fails, and is replaced, what becomes of the old, defective print head? It is disposed of, of course!


At that point, I gave up on trying to figure it out, and decided I'd better get the answer from Canon, and thus began my search for communication vectors -- the website really wants people to call the company, but, since it's now three in the morning, I find myself here, hoping to get the definitive answer.


Sorry if this is a tad wordy. Retired writer, occupational hazard. Smiley Happy

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Re: FREE Accidental Damage Protection

Postscript: When I first tried to buy the printers, I included the two-year coverage that Walmart offered at about $8 per printer. It's still sitting my my shopping cart (along with the printers, which were magically marked up from $25 to something like $70).

But, when we finally got them to cave, and sell use the printers at the advertised price, they told us that coverage was NOT available for the TS8020! (and I again note that the coverage is STILL sitting in my shopping cart!)

So, when I stumbled across the Canon "Care" policy, I quickly decided to look into it, but my hope was checked when I saw that "exclusions" clause.

I wish Walmart did not have such an odd way of doing business...
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Re: FREE Accidental Damage Protection

Hi kogaku!


Thanks for reaching out to Canon USA!  Regarding your questions about the print head and CarePAK Plus, we highly recommend reaching out to our friendly, US-based support team. They'll be able to advise you on both. They're available by phone weekdays from 10am to 10pm (ET) at 1-800-828-4040 (excluding holidays), or email anytime at 


Please be aware that wait times are abnormally high during the holiday season for both email and phone support. 

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