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Check out the new Canon Anti-Counterfeit website

Counterfeiting is a growing problem for the consumer electronics industry and its customers.  Check out our new website to watch our “Spot the Fake” video, learn about the most commonly counterfeited Canon accessories, read tips to help avoid counterfeit accessories, and take an interactive quiz to see if you can spot the fake.  To get informed, click here.



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Re: Check out the new Canon Anti-Counterfeit website

I took the "Spot the Counterfit" quiz.


Two of your products are wrong (Canon incorrectly confuses the genuine and the fake).  


The first is #2 of 10 on the quiz.  The printing quality on the back of one battery is extremely poor -- that's the battery the quiz claims is genuine and then the tip on the quiz (after you pick the product you think is the fake -- the test always shows the tip on how you would have spotted the difference), Canon specifically calls out the poor printing quality on the fake (so I'm sure whoever put the quiz together just got them reversed.)


The second is #8 of 10 on the quiz -- the LP-E6 battery.  I own a LOT of these batteries as I have three different bodies that use them and two of the bodies have battery-grips.  Three of the batteries came from Canon with the camera bodies -- three additional were purchased from authorized dealers at the time of puchase.   The labeling on the genuine Canon LP-E6 batteries is identical to the battery the quiz labels as the fake.  One of the icons (a spot with a check box in it) is located in the wrong location and the caution label is printed first in French and second in English.  On the genuine battery the caution is printed first in English and second in French.  Again... the "tip" after you pick the image you think is the fake describes the flaws which are identified on the battery that the quiz claims is the genuine battery.


You might want to have a more careful look at that quiz.  

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Re: Check out the new Canon Anti-Counterfeit website

[ Edited ]

Hi Tim,

Thank you for taking our “Spot the Fake” quiz! We reviewed your comments with our technical experts and confirmed that the left battery on question #2 is genuine as indicated. However, your keen observation for question #8 was right on! We have now corrected the mistake. Please check back on the site for more valuable information on how to avoid potentially dangerous counterfeits.

Thanks again for your feedback!

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