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EOS R not detected by PC via USB - Windows 11

I'm trying to connect my camera to my laptop to transfer my images. This has worked with all my previous cameras (DSLR), but with this one, Windows does not display it in the file manager. It does nothing.Yes I've looked at other posts regarding this...

rmqc by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Printer Drivers

MF5960dn printer. Cannot get my new computer HP to hook up with my printer.   I am not literate and can use as much help as I can get.I would be most appreciative for any help you can giveTed

tedfran1 by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Canon MFC 632 streaks on 1 side

I have on 1 side  those black smears,  and cleaned the printer,  and in the menu did some cleaning.Replaced the toner,  and still having this.ANything else I can do?   or need to look for?  Thank you so much

pka4916 by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

EOS Utility for Rebel T7

On the EOS utility page to download the appropriate software for my camera, the Rebel T7 isn't listed as an option. Do I need to use a version for a different camera?

Alternatives to Drop Box Basic for Sending Photos

I sent only 32 photos, edited jpg and RAW, to a fellow. Note: most of those photos were taken by my wife whose camera doesn't have RAW. Seems now I'm at my limit in DBB. To get more GB, it is $10 (round figure) a month. OK, no problem but wondering i...

IPV keeps changing on my imageCLASS MF653Cdw

I just bought the imageClass MF653Cdw.  The only two people who use this is myself and my wife in our home.  I thought I sent it up fine (I had to manually input the IP address for the scanner).  Today when I go to print the IPV IP address is differe...

colscuba by Apprentice
  • 10 replies

EOS Utility won't allow folder destination change

I have a M50 Mark ii, and it is connected via Bluetooth/wireless to the EOS Utility. The utility will only allow me to save the images directly to the desktop, where it creates a new folder. It will not allow me to have them go directly to any folder...

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