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Canon EOS Elan II not working with Samyang 85mm 1.4

Hey all, look for some help with my Elan II film camera not working with my Samyang EF lens. The weird part is it worked for literally a minute when I got it, but now autofocus and manual focus do not respond. But my Canon nifty fifty works just fine...

Anyone Using 28-70 f2 Lens to Replace Primes?

Purchasing an R6 Mark II to replace my 80d. Considering a 24-105 f4 and a prime or two, but the other option is just getting the 28-70 f2.Ok with the weight downsides, but just wondering if anyone who has the lens considers it a decent replacement fo...

ash467 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! PIXMA MX922 with error code B200 (Series MX920)

How do you clear the B200 Support Code on my Printer? I can't do anything with the printer until the B200 code is removed and does not pop up as soon as I power up the printer. AND what causes the B200 code to be active all of a sudden?? My printer i...

gnc by Contributor
  • 155 replies

Access Denied on Samsung tablet

I decided to add the community website to my Samsung tablet so I can take it with me on occasion. Today, I entered my username and password that I use for this community. But I keep getting Access Denied on the screen. Any ideas what needs to be done...

MG6821 "Printing" blank sheets of paper

My MG6821 only ouputs blank paper using print or copy functions. An error code appeared once, but I was not able to write it down before it went away. I have not been able to get the printer to display the error code again. I have completed printer c...

T6i external mic problems"off" icon

Hello, I am trying to film something for a class I am taking but both my mounted mic and my lapel mic don't seem to be working with my T6i. Whenever one is plugged in an icon appears on the camera that looks like three check marks with a microphone t...

tsujj8789 by Apprentice
  • 12 replies

AE 1 advice needed

My father passed away last year and left me his Canon AE 1 along with a multitude of lenses and accessories. I am overwhelmed. I have debated on selling it - but have no clue how to even begin to know it's value. I've researched converting it to digi...

Tmohs by Apprentice
  • 10 replies

Lens recommendations for motorsport shooting

Hi everyone! I just bought a canon 2000d to start my photography jurney and i am wondering if there is any good lens for shooting animals, cars and mountain landscapes without the need to sell a kidney.I was looking for a lens around 300$ and i alrea...

R8 Battery Charging Issue

Hi All,I recently purchased a new R8 from an authorized Canon dealer, and upon arrival, I placed the battery on the charger.  Eight hours later, the battery was still showing a blinking orange light for the charge light. (Blinking once per second).I ...

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