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Lens Hood and Filter for RF28-70mm

Hello All, Question to the community...I just recently acquired the Canon RF28-70mm lens (yay!).  I also acquired a Sigma 95mm WR Circular Polarizer Filter.One thing I noticed immediately was the Filter and the Canon lens hood (EW-103) do not fit at ...

irymcfly by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

EOS T6 Trouble with bracketing

Hey! I have an EOS Rebel T6 and I'm trying to use exposure bracketing. I've looked through multiple manuals, have watched many instructional videos and asked people who have had more experience with cameras how to and everything I have tried, failed....

K-Emery by Apprentice
  • 13 replies

Thoughts on EF 500mm F4 with Mirrorless Body

I’m thinking about trying to pick up a used EF500mm F4 to use with my mirrorless bodies. Obviously there is a huge price difference between I and II, but I thought I’d see if there is any experience with one or both on here. I’ve read at least a bit ...

batmn319 by Contributor
  • 10 replies

Canon r5c video not showing on pc

I’m having problems with getting videos to show on pc. When I record in mp4 format the videos will show. But any other format it won’t show. I’m using a cf express card for the videos. I downloaded eos utility driver and only photos and mp4 files wil...

Drop box worth upgrading?

I have used Dropbox to send photos to magazine and newspaper editors in the past. My 2 GB freeby subscription has elapsed. There are several options: one is 2000 GB for $120 per year. Worth it? TIA.

R5 cannot connect to my Mac via usb cable

Canon EOS R5 cannot connect to my Mac via usb cable. There I tried many cables (Canon, TetherTool, UG) and another Mac but the problem is not solved. Here are some ways I have tried:- Try other cables (Canon, TetherTool, UG) - Try another Mac- Turn o...

Canon Pro 100 super saturated

I upgraded from Mac Mojave to Monterey.  My Canon Pro 100 printer head went bad.  Bought a used one like new from my neighbor, he hardly used it.  My prints are coming out super saturated.  I've checked to make sure only 1 profile is selected and the...

IMG_3740 copy.jpg
Roger300 by Apprentice
  • 0 replies
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