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PIXMA MG6200 Printer working, scanner not.

I bought a Canon Pixma printer/scanner MG6200 years ago and installed it on my IMAC.  My IMAC died in 2020 and I bought a Macbook Air.  The printer works fine, but I've never been able to scan.  If I try, I get a message that says, "set the PC to sta...

Travel tripods for gimbal and big glass?

I'm a hobbyist who is lucky to have the opportunity to shoot with some big glass. Specifically, I'm using the r3 with the RF 600mm f4 L prime. I sometimes pair it with a 1.4x converter to shoot wildlife photography. Mostly in the greater Yellowstone ...


AE 1 advice needed

My father passed away last year and left me his Canon AE 1 along with a multitude of lenses and accessories. I am overwhelmed. I have debated on selling it - but have no clue how to even begin to know it's value. I've researched converting it to digi...

Tmohs by Apprentice
  • 11 replies

Should forum prevent replies to very old threads?

Just wondering if there can be some way for this forum to prevent replies to very old threads.An "age" could be computed that represents the difference between now and the the date of the most recent reply on a thread.   And if that that age is beyon...

rs-eos by Authority
  • 1 replies

PIXMA TS3300 Not Connected to Network

Suddenly the printer will not print from my desktop computer. I ran a network configuration page and it states "Not Connected to the Network". I called the technical department of my network provider and they said it was a Canon issue. Maybe somethin...

IPV keeps changing on my imageCLASS MF653Cdw

I just bought the imageClass MF653Cdw.  The only two people who use this is myself and my wife in our home.  I thought I sent it up fine (I had to manually input the IP address for the scanner).  Today when I go to print the IPV IP address is differe...

colscuba by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Anyone Using 28-70 f2 Lens to Replace Primes?

Purchasing an R6 Mark II to replace my 80d. Considering a 24-105 f4 and a prime or two, but the other option is just getting the 28-70 f2.Ok with the weight downsides, but just wondering if anyone who has the lens considers it a decent replacement fo...

ash467 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies
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