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Why can't I get my MG3100 to print wirelessly?

I have a Windows 7 laptop that up until today printed.  We had problems with our internet service, and I hadn't been on at all, let alone print anything.  Tonight, I tried to print, and it won't do a thing.  I've tried to uninstall, and reinstall. I continually get the "printer is not responding".  After installation this is the message I get 

Setup Results

Model :
Canon MG3100 series

Network Setup of the Printer :
Name :
Canon MG3100 series Printer (Copy 2)
Port Name :

Network Setup of the Scanner :
Name :
Canon MG3100 series(2C.9E.FC.0F.69.CB)

Network Type :



For awhile, it said installation failed, but now it does not.  What is the problem.  3 hours later, I'm still dealing with this!  Very frustrated!

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Re: Why can't I get my MG3100 to print wirelessly?

Hello hrcamacho.


It may be possible that more than one copy of the printer was installed.   Uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers should resolve this issue.  Please perform the following:


1.  Click Start and open the Control Panel.

2.  Open Programs and Features.

3.  Uninstall the MG3100/MP Drivers and the Canon IJ Network Tool.

4.  Close all windows that are open.


Once this has been done, insert the MG3100 Series disk into your computer and reinstall the unit again. 


If these troubleshooting steps do not work, feel free to call us at 1-800-OKCANON.

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Re: Why can't I get my MG3100 to print wirelessly?

I had the same problem last night and spent a good 3 hours trying to figure out this issue.


Apparently it happens because your printer is on Wifi and gets a new dynamic IP everytime your router reboots. However the printer settings that are saved on all the computers and other devices (Ipad, phones etc) are based on the original IP that the printer was assigned the first time.


So to fix ths, login to your wifi router admin page from - (usually), and then assign a 'static address' or reserve an IP for your printer. In order to reserve you need to specify the MAC address of the printer and set this to a static address of say - This way your printer/scanner shall always get the same IP evertime your router reboots and all devices should be able to connect to it.  If you have an android device(like a phone), try installing Canon EPP app, which shows the printer name, IP address and MAC adress and also the status - online/offline. I found this especially useful in troubleshooting the issue compared ot windows/IPAD based tools as they hide these details.

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