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Re: Do you prefer DPP or Lightroom

John_SD wrote:

Out of curiosity, I went to the Adobe Lightroom site to check its price. I was delighted to see the BUY button at the top right of the page, which I clicked, expecting to be presented with a...wait for it....price to BUY the product.


Instead, I was offered two options:


1. Annual plan, paid monthly

2. Annual plan, prepaid


Option 1 requires rental payments of $9.99 a month.

Option 2 requires a yearly rental payment of $119.88 a year. 


What the hell?


It is this kind of trickery and deception that turns me off. 


Don't buy it directly from Adobe.  I bought LR6, with a stand alone license, from B&H Photo Video.  


If you install a standalone version, I highly recommend that you stay away from any Creative Cloud trials because it may compromise your stand alone license.  I know it did mine.  If you want to participate in a CC trial, then create a separate Adobe account and use an entirely different platform from the one where you installed LR6.


"I don't rent software. I use Photoshop CS6, ACR 9.8 and Lightroom 6.8 ."
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Re: Do you prefer DPP or Lightroom

I use all 3. DPP, LR and PS.


DPP has come a long way over the years, I never liked it's resizing algorithums but in recent tests I was impressed. I became facsinated with DLO which offers true deconvolution at the capture stage. The downfall is it takes 7 seconds for DLO to do it's thing and another 36 seconds to convert a file. OK for a handful but when you get into a 100 files. There is no way to activate DLO in the preferences. You can in the camera but then you get a reduced burst rate warning. The other option is to create and save recipe and later apply to mutiple images.


DPP does a great job with colour but the highlight recovery and other adjustments are just not as good as Adobe and there are no local adjustments. The one excllent thing about DPP is veiwing and culling using Quick Check and full screen. DPP's full screen sizing has some magic to it. I have yet to find a viewer that looks as good. I always cull using DPP before using it or importing into LR.


LR is the workhorse for multlple fiie edting. I have found that if you match the camera proflle to DPP it is pretty close. It will never be perfect. I just applied some tweaks to the colours to kiil the yellows which are more predominent using Adobe. The setting of personal defualts that auto apply when you import a folder is the cat's meow.                                                                      


I use PS for my hobby shots. I have a custon resizing and edge sharpening action I really like to use. Unlike LR I like to see the final product before saving.    


I use Standalone LR 6.9 and CS6. I will not go subcription. DNG's work just as good if I want to go directly into PS. I can transfer a file to PS from DPP or to PS from LR as well.                   

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