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Digital Photo Professional 4.5.x Slowdown and Freezing caused by program scanning drives

Quad-Core i7 3.4 GHZ CPU and 16 GB Ram

windows 10 x64 Pro

Program works well and I rely on it to help process a large number of photos from 5 cameras.


However it is loading very slowly and Freezing or slowing down when using it.  This behaviour has become a very serious problem in trying to use it. 


I ran procmon.exe (microsoft sysinternals) to see what is was doing when the program froze for minutes at a time.


Procmon.exe reported that dpp4main.exe is scanning and opening files on both my C: drive and D: drive and each time it DPP locked up completely it was when it tried to open a 100+ GB zip file.   The slowdown occurred when it went out and searched my gaming directories on another drive, another freeze occurred when it was opening multi GB .pst files.
Support told me i just needed to set the default directory - but that didn't work.


Is there anyway to to stop DPP 4.5.10 or DPP 4.5.20 from scanning my directories and files ????

I'm assuming at the moment  that it is trying to find and index photos but it's crazy to do this on multi terrabyte drives filled with a huge number of files.  Worse it seems to kick off to scan the files while i'm working on photos - freezing the program for long periods.

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