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Re: DPP 4.8.20 Feedback Thread

Thanks, Bob.


For a moment, I thought I was the only one experiencing it.

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Re: DPP 4.8.20 Feedback Thread

@wq9nsc wrote:

I did notice one oddball glitch with 4.8.3.  I was processing some images I took at an end of year sports banquet and I wanted to create a pair of demonstration photos to show how much detail can be extracted from a very small crop of the overall image.  With this particular image if you try to apply automatic gamma adjustment after setting the very small crop of the overall photo it consistently locks up at around 70% complete but works fine if gamma adjustment is done before cropping.


I have done a lot of adjustments to other photos with 4.8.3 so this isn't a widespread issue but this one file does indicate a little glitch somewhere in the software.  I can't compare it to earlier versions so I don't know whether this is a new problem with 4.8.3 or something that has existed for some time but in any case it isn't a big deal since I have only experienced it with one file out of hundreds and this was with an extremely small crop.  The problem doesn't appear if the auto gamma adjustment is done prior to the crop nor does it occur with a more normal size of crop.  Manual adjustment creates zero issues when done after the crop.



That really surprises me, because I didn't think there was any connection between gamma adjustment and cropping. IOW, I assumed that gamma adjustment was always applied to the entire image, whether any cropping had been specified or not. That said, cropping is usually the last thing I do, and automatic adjustment, when I use it, one of the first. So I might not have had sufficient opportunity to observe. But I have not seen the behavior that Rodger describes.

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Re: DPP 4.8.20 Feedback Thread



It happened under such a unique set of conditions that I don't think it is important.  I tried the same file taking a larger crop and it worked fine but it was consistent for that particular file with the tiny crop applied. I just tried a different file under the same conditions (lens correction applied, very small crop, then auto gamma adjust) and it was fine and I doubt if the problem ever appears for me again.


I have been shooting a lot of soccer photos and for me the work flow is faster doing a quick crop to see whether I think the image has content worth keeping and if so then I will make futher adjustments as needed.  I did a quick rough count and I have gone through just over 700 images since I installed the .3 update and I have only seen this one glitch so I don't think it is a matter of concern since it is easily worked around (auto gamma adjust then crop) if it shows up again.


These sorts of events are an undesirable but quite common side effect of increasing product complexity.  In my 2016 Corvette the automatic transmission gets momentarily confused if you do a "rolling stop" (not quite coming to a complete stop) and then apply moderate throttle just before the stop.  The transmission normally stays in third until you come to a complete halt which causes a shift into first but if you moderately accelerate during this gray area it stutters a moment trying to decide whether to drop down into second, stay in third, or do something else.  It is easy to avoid this behavior (probably a side effect of programming for maximum fuel economy on the EPA test loop) and a good reminder to come to a complete stop at stop signs Smiley Happy



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