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Imageprograf 1000 clogging

This is the best printer I've ever had in terms of head clogging, which for my previous printers (Epson models) was a complete nightmare.   The problem is in large part due to the dry climate here in New Mexico.   The Canon 1000 is a refreshing improvement but still, there are intermittent clogging issues that mystify me.   So I wonder if there is any insight in this community about what is happening.   Here are my points:


  1. As with all past printers, when a head does clog, it is ALWAYS black or one of the shades of gray.   Why would that be? Why always black?
  2. If I haven't printed already the same day, I often do a nozzle check and sometimes it shows that I need to run the head cleaning routine (always for ink group 2, the blacks and grays).   After getting a clean nozzle check pattern I then start printing, and the prints always start out fine.
  3. When I do have clogging issues, they usually happen in the middle of a print job, which seems to indicate it's not from the dry atmosphere.  Last week I printed a large 17 x 22 sheet and it was fine.   Then I started a second copy of it, and all was fine for 1/3 of the print and then the last 2/3 was the sickening look that I have seen so often (but mostly in the past on Epson printers) – the metallic looking (not in a good way) print that results from no black.   Why would things clog up in the middle of a job?  

I do leave my printer on, which I was told to do by Canon.   It’s likely there is nothing that can be done to prevent these clogs, but my curiosity makes me ask for more specifics and more background on what, besides dry humidity, causes clogged nozzles/heads.


Thanks for listening.

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Re: Imageprograf 1000 clogging

The problem with the pro1000 is that it needs to be used often & regularly, otherwise ink dries up, printer head clogs, loss of valuable ink into the maintenance tank - all expensive issues.


It doesn't seem to matter what weather/country your in. I own the same printer. It's been great. I love the output. I'm from Melbourne, Australia, & head clogging is an issue here too. And printers shouldn't really be that fickle for the price you have to stump up. 


This machine is a replacement because my first machine showed bad clogging & Canon asked me to send a scan of the nozzle print out which showed the issue. They then agreed very quickly to send me a replacement which arrived a few days later. The service was great. I was under warranty at the time. So if you're under warranty & getting continual ink problems or clogging, I would get onto Canon straight away & ask for a replacement. You may have got a lemon which will plague you till the end of time!


Also - beware of the nozzle check pattern. The pattern only shows you the corrected ink nozzle output not the underlying issue/s. This printer has the capability to switch to different nozzles IN THE ACT OF PRINTING to replace any nozzles not working properly. In other words, the bad nozzles get taken out of action & working nozzles are used instead so the print comes out looking its best. In the blink of an eye. And you'd be none the wiser. Given that the nozzle check would only show corrected output, the fact that my nozzle test from the original printer showed a problem, it must've been a pretty bad one so no wonder they decided to replace the machine. My problem was in the first corner square, the PM/Photo Magenta ink. It was very uneven all over & particularly so in one area of that square. I've never had a problem with greys/blacks.


Canon rep advised me not to worry about nozzle checks as they will only show you the corrected nozzle output rather than the underlying problem. What they do suggest is if a colour is not coming out in print as you expect or see on a calibrated monitor, then run a nozzle check & possibly a clean, it may right itself. Clean again if not. If you still have a problem get in touch with Canon. Meanwhile every nozzle check goes through a certain amount of ink which ends up filling the maintenance tank.


Canon says there is no service menu with this printer so it is next to impossible to find the real issue unless Canon look at the problem themselves. But of course it probably does have a service menu but the customer is prevented from finding it - probably so the printer doesn't get completely stuffed up which wouldn't be covered under warranty if you happen to make a mistake on that service menu. 


If you do ask for a replacement make sure it is in fact replaced by a NEW one not a refurbished model. Request that they confirm specifically in an email. 


I like Canon & I like this printer, the output can be superb, but it is not perfect & somewhat high maintenace... Good luck with your issues & I hope you're in warranty.





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Re: Imageprograf 1000 clogging

Thanks Owlan for your detailed response.    I am in a low humidity area and cannot use my printer daily, so a certain amount of clogging is to be expected.  Still, the occurances of clogging have so far made no logical sense to me as they mostly occur in the middle of large print jobs, as opposed to starting out after a long period of idle time.     Main thing is that the 1000 has been a dream come true in terms of the reduced instances of clogging compared to my previous Epson models.

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