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How to calibrate Pixma Pro-100 for OEM paper?

I have a bunch of photo paper that I bought before purchasing my Pro-100.  I get significantly different colors and possibly also more saturation than expected when I use this paper in the Pro-100.  Whereas the colors appear as expected when printing on my old office printer.


I discovered a good bit of material on Canon's websites regarding something called the Color Management Tool Pro which seems to address the exact problem.  While all this material describes it as a free tool provided by Canon I haven't been able to any source for downloading it from Canon.  Can anyone tell me how to do that?


I believe the purpose of the this tool is to create custom ICC Profiles.  This caused me to try and find the ICC profiles which are supplied by Canon.  However, on my Windows 7 system the profiles located in c:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\color that appear to have been supplied by Canon, using the ICC Profile Inspector tool, do not appear to be the ones the correspond to Pro-100 paper selection.  I should point out that I also have a Canon camera and all of the software associated with it installed on the same computer.  This particularly includes DPP4.


I believe that these profiles are also needed to do soft proofing with image development software.  While I do have and use the Canon supplied DPP4 software I also use open source software quite a lot and the purpose of having standard profiles (i.e., ICC profiles) is for inter product compatibility.  In that, I need to be able to find these profiles and make them available to other software even when using Canon paper in my Pro-100.  How do I find and recognize the Canon Pro-100 ICC profiles that correspond to the different kinds of paper that it supports?

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Re: How to calibrate Pixma Pro-100 for OEM paper?

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Did you install Canon Print Studio Pro?  If so, then it should have installed the Canon supplied ICC profiles as well.  Those profiles are typically installed in a standard directory based on your operating system where any program that supports ICC profiles should be able to see them.


You should be able to find your downloads here:


Make sure you select the correct OS version... although sometimes I find a few more choices show up if you pick 1 OS version "older" than your current OS.


Canon also has ICC profiles for many 3rd party papers.   There should be a download "Pro-100 Series ICC Profile version xxx" and that download is a file loaded with ICC profiles that just need to be copied to the appropriate directory on your computer.


If you are using other 3rd party paper and want to build your own ICC profile then it's helpful to have a calibration tool such as those made by X-Rite or DataColor.  I use an X-Rite ColorMunki Photo (my model supports printers as well as displays ... some color calibraiton tools only support displays).  These tools typically involve printing color patches to a sheet of photo paper and then the tool samples the color patches to evaluate the printed color against the standard that they want.  They also typically generate patches where they adjust ink saturation to determine how much change is needed to get the correct color ... and use that to build the ICC profile for that printer/ink/paper combination.



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Re: How to calibrate Pixma Pro-100 for OEM paper?

Tim, thanks for the feedback.  I do have Print Studio Pro (PSP) installed.  I'm just getting started with this printer so I don't have a lot of experience using the related software.  However, it appears that PSP is a plugin that only works with DPP4 (and possibly other Canon software like prior releases of DPP) as well as Adobe products like Photoshop & Lightroom which I do not use.


Actually my research prior to posting taught me most of the things in your reply.  I have calibrated my monitor for which I bought the X-Rite i1 Display Pro which was before my Pro-100 came ino the picture.  Because I found information about the Canon Color Management Tool Pro (CMTP) and did learn that it needs and supports certain OEM calibration equipment I'd favor buying something that could be used with CMTP and thought having it was the best way to determine what it needs.  This is why I asked about the status of CMTP.


The link you provided appears to offer the download which I've now done.  The page looks like what I'd tried my self but the page I found didn't have all of that stuff.  I did the download but suspect I won't get far without obtaining needed calibration equipment and would like to know where the ICC profiles it produces are going to end up up before doing that.


Datacolor spyderPRINT appears to be a reasonably priced calibration tool for printers but I did think that it might be hard to beat what Canon provides at least for my Canon printer and the price is right.  Also it occured to me that Datacolor would be producing standard ICC profiles & installing them in the standard manner.  Since I cannot find (or possibly identify) the Canon supplied ICC profiles I started to think that Canon might be doing this in a proprietary manner which for me is problematic.


It looks like the least expensive equipment from X-Rite for printer calibration is what they called the iStudio which still runs nearly $500.  If CMTP supports it is there a strong case for sticking with the same vendor for all of this calibration equipment.


The directory on my Windows 7 system that I referenced in my initial post contains a set of 20 ICC profiles with names like "CNBBDMA0.ICM", which are pretty meaningless at least to me.  I opened some of them using the ICC Profile Inspector and while they do appear to be from Canon I couldn't find any information that lead me to believe they were either printer or paper specific.  While GIMP & Rawtherapee will allow me to softproof with them I haven't figured how I would tell which to choose for which kind of paper.  Of course ICC Profile Inspector is also new to me and I suppose there could be some problem with it that is not apparent.


I have searched the entire C: drive looking for files with an extension or either icm or icc and haven't been able to find anything that appears to be related to either printer or paper.


In conclusion, I still cannot find the ICC profiles needed for softproofing on the Pro-100.

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Re: How to calibrate Pixma Pro-100 for OEM paper?

Sorry!  It looks like I was abit hasty.


It now looks like the file I was able to download was NOT the Canon Color Management Tool Pro (CMTP) but rather the actual ICC profiles for a lot of OEM paper.  I still cannot find CMTP.

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Re: How to calibrate Pixma Pro-100 for OEM paper?


Color Management Tool available under W7 drop down. 

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