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recently i received an error message appears my printer after only 2 yrs of little printing needs replacing.

i have been looking around for a reasonalby priced printer and its compatible cartridges. i continue with Canon as it seems to have the most reasonably priced cartridges.


is there a list of compatibility cartridges and printers without having to go thru each cartridge and look as the print compatibility.



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Re: PIXMA MG5620

sorry my printer is not mg3020 but mg5620


does anyone know how to fix B203 error?

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Re: PIXMA mg3620

sorry did not know how to post a new just changed the model.


i have been doing some research and find that with the price of printer and ink cartridges, i think this model mg3620 will be for me.  there are good reviews for it also.


I do have a question tho.....

the cartridges PG240 and CL241 are the black and colour

then there is PG24XL and CL241XL black and colour respectively....


i am assuming the XL ones are larger cartridges but wonder how the larger one can fit into the slot for the regular size ones.

not having seen this printer i cannot tell. 


or am i incorrect is determinging which cartridges are compatible with this printer.



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Re: PIXMA mg3620

i have not yet purchased MG3620 and having read several questions and some replys in community...i am having a re think.


a user from UK posted a question and reply was community was for US. they are all the same printers no matter where you live right?


several users wanted to know if you could use only 2 blk cartridges instead of colour. no definite reply there.


someone asked about a problem and they had to reset the ink absorber. not sure what that is all about but i just 

wonder if there are more problems with this unit than i care to deal with. 


each time a user posted a question of concern, there was no real helpful reply and referred to contact Canon. 


am on my way to do more research........


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Re: PIXMA mg3620

well i bit the bullet and bought this mg3620 at a super good price.

at home setting up wifi was a bit challenging until I found an excellent video on you tube. 


my previous Canon MG5620 which had the error message and Canon told me it was factory warranty and could not be fixed that I shuld replace it. (see prev posts) i did.


but go figure....the day before i was going to pick up my MG3620 the MG5620 started working. so now i have both.


I expect the MG5620 will act up again some time in the future so will opt to keep the MG3620. 


after a lot of work, managed to get MG3620 all set up and working.


my question now is since I dont need to have both plugged in

if I unplug the MG36520 and set aside for the time being.....will I have to go thru all the setup again???



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Re: PIXMA mg3620

well my old mg5620 did act up and am going to toss it out.


on my 3620..been having fun figuring more things out!

i have figured out how to auto turn on/off my printer.

found out how to print in grey scale to save on paper


but cannot see the option to print duplex in printer options.

its got to be there somewhere cuz reports say this printer


have looked on line at various replies but none help me out.

i must be looking in wrong area.


can anyone help?


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Re: PIXMA mg3620

Hi lor13luk,


To enable duplex printing with your PIXMA MG3630, please follow the steps outlined on the following page:


(for Windows)


(for Max OS X)



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Re: PIXMA MG3020

Hi lor13lukm


The error is an indication that your PIXMA MG3020is experiencing an internal error.  To try to resolve the error, please follow the following steps:

 1.  Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord and USB cable.

 2.  Remove paper from the front tray.

 3.  Gently pull jammed paper out, if any.  If paper is visible, use both hands to pull the paper out slowly.

 4.  If the paper tears and a piece of that remains inside the printer, open the printer cover and remove the paper from inside the printer.

 5.  Check paper path with a bright light to check for obstructions.  Remove any if found.

 6.  Load paper back into the front tray.

 9.  Reconnect the power cord, turn on the printer and confirm that the Alarm light is off. (If there was any jammed paper remaining in the printer, the paper may be automatically ejected.)


If you continue to have difficulties, please contact our support group using the following link:

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